Stephen Senn: Stats Notes

This page provides a link to various statistics notes written for my group while I was working at the Luxembourg Institute of Health (Previously known as CRP-Santé) 2011-2018.

Stats notes

Type Topic Title Keywords
Report Design Matching in Medical ResearchEpidemiology; Bias; Variance; Efficiency
Mathcad pdf Design Calculation of total length of follow up
when comparing two Poisson processess
Clinical trials; Regression; Survival analysis
Mathcad pdf Inference The variance of a ratioTransformation; Delta method
Report Inference Calculating Standard Errors for Rodent
Experiments in which Treatments Are
Allocated by Cage
Components of Variance; Cluster design
Report Inference Regression to the MeanBias; Uncontrolled experiment; Correlation; Measurement Error
Mathcad pdf Inference Individual confidence limits and confidence for a differenceContrasts; Comparisons; Confidence intervals;Differences
Report Modelling Interpreting coefficients in the presence
of an interaction
Regression;Type II SS; Type III SS
Report Modelling Grouped RegressionRegression
Mathcad pdf Modelling Modelling Ordinal PredictorsEthics; Control; Clinical Trials; Equipoise
Mathcad pdf Modelling Modelling Periodic DataTransformation; Regression;Trigonometric functions; Time series;
Fourier analysis

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