The Telemac

Looking to Beinn a Bhuird 21 April 1985


Scotty McFake

There's cairls that thowless slotch their skis
Wi them we'll hae nae truck
There's cairls as willnae learn to turn
But stotrin trust tae luck
As doon the brae, on skis they birl
Until some rit gies them a dirl
And slypes them in the muck'

An then there's cairls as bend their knees
But in a stramash ding their skis
To fesh on in the snow
Wi heels apairt and tips togither
Come ploughin doon, a' Hell fer leather
Come sun, come rain, come stormy weather
And sowfin as they go.

There's cairls that when the wind is snell
Sit towsie in the bar
And blether of the parallel
(A lagamachie tale they tell)
When any fule can see fou well
They canna ski at a'.

But see yon skier on the ben come sklentin doon the brae
Wi' one leg straucht, the ither bent
Aye turnin where the brae is brent
By sic bold deeds a man is kenned
Who 'Telemarks' his way.

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