The Song of the Tayside Tourer

Tayside Cross Country Ski-Club ascending Ben Wyvis March 1985

Scotty McFake

Oh if ye take salt wi yer porridge
An if ye drink whisky aye neat
And if ye wad sweat
Yer pleasures tae get
An if ye'll thole pain and nae greet
An if ye wad rather a bothy
Was where at day's end ye wad rest
Than layin yer head
On some feather bed
Why then mon, y'eve passed our wee test

For we're for the straight and the narrow
And we're not the ones tae gang gley
We've skins and we've wax
So b******1 the tracks
Fer oor way lies straight up the brae
Fer we're not the ones tae lie fallow
When we cad be wanderin free
Jest gie us the snow
And b***** the tow
Fer we rise by bendin the knee

They a' hunt the gowk on the Tiger2
Mak hubbleshue at Cairnwell2
The hail of Glen More2
Is one stinking sore
White Corries2 but one step from Hell
But we'll tak Braid Cairn and Cairn Bannoch
An we'll take Tom Buidhe and Driesh
We'll roam near and far
On dark Lochnagar
Leave Shee tae the eaters of quiche3.

1.Some obscurity in the MS makes this difficult to read. Perhaps 'bother' is written.
2. Ski-runs and 'resorts' in Scotland.
3 A sort of open bridie much beloved of Sassenachs.



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