Programs to accompany Makubate and Senn, 'Planning and Analysis of Cross-over Trials in Infertility', Statistics in Medicine


Makubate, B., and Senn, S. (2010),Planning and Analysis of Cross-over Trials in Infertility, Statistics in Medicine, 29, 3203-3210.


These programs are provided free. No guarantee is provided for their correct functioning and no liability is accepted for their use. You may use these programs for your own purposes but should be prepared to share and not copyright any code that incorporates them.


These programs were written by Boikanyo Makubate and Stephen Senn

Acknowledging the programs

If you use these programs,or data in them, please acknowledge their source. Thank you.

Data files

Gregoriou et alTwo sequences, two periods,two treatmentsgroup,patient,period,treat,responseGreg.txt
Cohlen et alTwo sequences,six periods, two alternating treatmentsgroup,patient, period2-period6,treatment,response, periodCohlen.txt

NB For the Cohlen data, dummy variables for periods (labelled "period2"-"period6") are included in case the period is to be treated as a factor. However, in case it is desired to treat period as a continuous variable this is also included and labelled "period".

The programs

Package Data-setMethodLink
SAS® GregoriouEzzett and Whitehead random
GenStat® GregoriouLee and Nelder HGLMGregoriouHGLM.gen
RGregoriouEzzett and Whitehead random effects GregoriouR_lmer.txt
WinBUGSGregoriouBayesian random effectsGregBUGS.txt
SAS® CohlenEzzett and Whitehead random
GenStat® CohlenLee & Nelder HGLMCohlenHGLM.gen
RCohlenEzzett and Whitehead random effectCohlenR_lmer.txt
WinBUGSCohlenBayesian random effectsCohlBUGS.txt

NB The SAS®and R programs for the Gregoriou and Cohlen data sets make reference to external data files Greg.txt and Cohlen.txt The user will have to set the file path appropriately in these programs. For the various winBUGS programs, different models and starting values etc are include in two text files, one for each dataset. The user will have to cut and paste these into a winBUGS program. The GenStat® programs are self-contained.


Cohlen, BJ, te Velde, ER, van Kooij, RJ, Looman, CW, Habbema, JD. Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and intrauterine insemination for treating male subfertility: a controlled study, Hum Reprod 1998; 13: 1553-1558.

Gregoriou, O, Vitoratos, N, Papadias, C, Konidaris, S, Gargaropoulos, A, Rizos, D. Pregnancy rates in gonadotrophin stimulated cycles with timed intercourse or intrauterine insemination for the treatment of male subfertility, Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol 1996; 64: 213-216.


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